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Get a One-Day Remodel in New Mexico

Your master or guest bathroom could be a reflection of the time your home was built decades ago, or maybe it’s just run down from years of use. Bath Planet New Mexico can custom-design a new bath, shower, or surround and update your bathroom with a one-day remodel. Serving New Mexico residents, we specialize in revamping your shower or bath space with high-quality installations and replacements. From performing a simple bathtub installation to converting your tub into a shower, we design a brand-new bathing system to fit your space perfectly. In as quickly as one day and at a cost much lower than a traditional renovation, your bathroom gets an upgrade with as little interruption to your daily life as possible.

Elegant bathroom

Master & Small Bath Remodels

Our team of designers works with you to create a design for your new tub or shower space using our broad range of colors, patterns, and styles. We can also incorporate accessories into the plan, such as shelves, soap dishes, rods, and grab bars from convenience and safety. The material we use is a thick, nonporous acrylic that’s antimicrobial to hinder mold and mildew, and it’s resistant to chips, cracks, and fading. The new custom-designed tub or shower has a watertight fit in your bathroom space, made possible by detailed measurements and our team of well-trained and highly-skilled designers, production staff, and installers. Whether it’s part of a complete makeover for your master bathroom or the guest bathroom needs a facelift, we handle every project with the same friendly and knowledgeable care while keeping it at an affordable price.

Get Started on Your One-Day Remodel

Bath Planet New Mexico serves the entire state with our high-quality remodels. We invite you to come to our showroom in Albuquerque to wander through our selection and speak with a member of our customer service team. We’ll get your outdated, retro-looking bathrooms upgrades with a fantastic new tub or shower.

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